#169: Helene Guillaume on Unleashing the Beast in Women [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#169: Helene Guillaume on Unleashing the Beast in Women [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Sep 26
Helene Guillaume - Sparta Chicks Radio
“We’re not cute. We’re athletes”

This week on Sparta Chicks Radio, I’m delighted to welcome data scientist, athlete and the Founder and CEO of Wild.ai, Helene Guillaume.

Helene has combined her vast experience to found Wild.ai, an organisation dedicated to supporting active women through every phase of life.

There are two things I love and admire about Helene’s work.

First, the brilliant app called Wild.ai that  gives you personalised training, nutrition and sleep recommendations based on your specific physiology.

Secondly, Helene has also established a research department within Wild.ai that carries out groundbreaking research on women’s health (including currently about the impact of the Covid vaccines on women).

Helene is a talented athlete in her own right - she has done everything from trail ultras to triathlons to ice swimming to rugby and surfing. 

And she’s a smart cookie too. A data scientist who studied mathematics, her background was in using algorithms and AI to make smart investment decisions. 

And now she brings her vast experience to help you understand your body and to maximise your potential.

Helping you realise your potential

In this conversation, we discuss:

* her background as a swimmer and a rugby player, before she discovered endurance sports,

* her experience as an athlete, the challenges she had and the results she had (or didn’t have) from traditional training protocols,

* how we can embrace our different strengths at different parts of our cycle 

* the power and importance of the language we use to describe women,

* how she came to realise her technical expertise as a data scientist could be used to make sense of her personal experience as a female athlete, 

* what surprised her the most when she started her research into women’s health (including the fact 80% of medical research is done on males)

* the research she has launched into the impact of COVID-19 vaccines on women,

* what Wild.ai is and how it can help you exercise, eat and recovery on a daily basis based on your symptoms,

* the messaging we have been bombarded with over our lifetime about what it means to be a woman.

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To find out more about Helene or say hello, you can find her on Instagram.

To find out about Wild.ai, you can visit the website or follow on Instagram.