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Welcome to Sparta Chicks, a global online community for brave female triathletes and trail runners who are committed to living their dreams, rather than their fears.


Are you brave enough to achieve your goals and dreams?

It's hard to chase your dreams while fighting your doubts. It's hard to do things that seem "selfish" or when it seems almost impossible to put yourself first. It's hard to be honest with yourself, to enter a race you really want to do but aren't sure that you can. And who wants to fail? 

Being brave is scary - but it's important. That's why Sparta Chicks is here to help.

Our mission is simple ~ to provide you with all the support and advice you need to achieve your trail running and triathlon dreams without waiting until you're "perfect", ready or fearless

So pour yourself a drink, pull up a chair, make yourself at home. Settle in for an honest, open and frank discussion about courage, fear and bravery, what it means to be a woman who lost herself somewhere along the way and has now realised that chasing her goals isn't "selfish"; in fact, it's about being true to yourself which, in turn, makes you a calmer, happier and more relaxed wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend.

Become a Sparta Chick. You'll realise you aren't alone in feeling this way. Besides, we've got your back!

To #bebrave and chase - and achieve - your goals with confidence, you need 3 things:

* A cheersquad full of like-minded women

* Confidence and the right mindset

* Personalised support and advice

You'll find all three here at Sparta Chicks. Welcome! 

Join the global community of #SpartaChicksliving confident and adventurous lives!

(it's FREE!)

The Mission: 10,000 Strong Women

Life is an extraordinary adventure. You've got a bucket list of dreams - things you want to do "one day" - but deep down it's easy to doubt whether you'll have the time or the ability to do them. However it's sometimes not until you see others achieve their goals that you find the confidence and courage to do so yourself.

This is why our Mission: 10,000 Strong was born.

Our goal - to support 10,000 women over the next 10 years to have the confidence to 'step up' to a new achievement, a distance, a goal or some other adventure you've always wanted to do

And I hope you'll join us!  

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