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Customised training programs

Maybe you're new to the sport and don't know where to start.

Or perhaps you've been involved for a few years and are now wondering if getting a coach is the next logical step.

In either case, the idea of working with a (new) coach can be a little daunting and even scary. 

But keep in mind this ~

My job is to help busy people like you (yes, you!) achieve the results you want in the smartest way possible. 

So do you have a goal in mind?

And you want some help and support to achieve that? 

If so, you're in the right place!

Rachelle Cooke

She truly understands what life can be like for busy women...

What makes Jen unique from other coaches I have worked with in the past is that she truly listens and she truly understands what life can be like for busy women. Jen sets a program that will work for you and your life. She also has a wealth of skill and knowledge in dealing with the mental and emotional side of sport and will impart that knowledge. This has been a great advantage for me.

Jen has coached this average working mum to be a half-Ironman, Ironman, a trail runner and an ultra marathoner. I could not be more proud of all I have achieved with Jen’s guidance and support.

If you are pondering a goal big or small and want a supportive, friendly and adaptable coach who will truly listen to you and your needs, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Jen. You will not be disappointed.

Rachelle Cooke // Busy mum of 2 active boys. Triathlete, trail runner & now ultra marathon runner.


...someone who expertly guides you and invests themselves in helping you achieve your goals

Jen has a way of adding funny comments to her programs & weekly follow ups which feel supportive and set the tone for the day. It's about having fun and it comes across every time. I know I need to get the training done as there is a purpose to every training session and eventually it will bring me the result I am after.

Larisa Alexander // Busy mum. Business owner. Runner and triathlete.

What I know to be true

Hi, I'm Jen 🙂 I'm the founder of Sparta Chicks and the host of Sparta Chicks Radio.

I've been around endurance sports since 2004 and have worked with hundreds of women since I became a coach in 2011.

Over the years, I've come to realise a few things: 

  • 'off the shelf', cookie-cutter training programs don't work for 99% of the population. That's why I've never offered generic programs (never have, never will!),
  • fear, self-doubt, nerves and uncertainty are completely normal any time you're on the edge of a new experience or challenge (and the notion that all you need to do is 'suck it up princess' is BS),
  • you don’t need to compromise or neglect your family to achieve the results you want, and
  • you’ll be a happier and more relaxed wife, partner, mother, daughter, sister and friend when you give yourself permission to chase your goals and dreams. 
Hi, I'm Jen

To achieve the results you want...

There are 3 pieces of the puzzle you need to have in place ~

  1. Physical fitness - the fitness, strength and speed required to cross that finish line or conquer that mountain (and a training program that enables you to develop that),
  2. Confidence and the right mindset  - the tools to manage your (inevitable) fear, self-doubt, nerves and uncertainty, and
  3. Accountability and support - the support of someone who believes in you for those moments when the self-doubt 'wobbles' strike (which is inevitable).

This also explains why generic training programs don't work for the majority of people - because at least one, and sometimes two, of these elements are missing. 

These elements are the cornerstones of my philosophy as a coach and you'll have the benefit of each when we work together.

Here's how:

(1) A customised training program that enables you to develop the fitness you need

You won’t find any stock standard, “off-the-shelf” training programs here. I've never offered them and never will! 

I don’t take a standard program, stick your name on the top, add some specific times for you to achieve in your training sessions and then pass it off as a “customised” program.

Instead, we’ll start from the ground up by talking about your goals, background, lifestyle, time availability, physical restraints and other commitments.

Only then do we talk about how to fit your training around those commitments. By starting this way, I’m able to develop a program - a unique, 100% customised program - that fits into your life.

You'll have the confidence of knowing your program is achievable because it's specifically designed for you. And because you'll miss fewer sessions and train more consistently, you'll see improvements quickly. 

(2) Confidence, the right mindset and practical tools you can use to manage the (inevitable) fear and self-doubt

Here’s a secret most other coaches won’t tell you… training is only part of the equation.

Fears and doubts always come up when you’re testing the limits of your comfort zone by trying new things. Perhaps you stand on the start line, look around at the other competitors and think to yourself “everyone else looks so fit, I don’t belong here”. Or perhaps you’re secretly worried about “failing”, finishing last, what other people will think or if you'll mentally cope with an ultra distance event.

If you don’t have the tools and strategies to deal with these doubts, it won’t matter how fit you are or how much training you’ve done. You'll sabotage yourself and will never get the best results from all the hard work you've put in!

So throughout our time working together, we’ll explore the mental and mindset roadblocks standing in your way. (Don't worry; we’ve all got them!). And we’ll work together to develop the tools and knowledge you need to chase your goals without fear, self-doubt or guilt sabotaging your best efforts.

(3) Extra accountability & support if you need it 

Read any article about the world’s most successful people and you’ll see them mention the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people who believe in you and what you’re trying to accomplish. 

That’s exactly what you’ll find in the Sparta Chicks Arena; that's what we call our Facebook community of like-minded women all over the world who are also committed to living life on their terms. 

This amazing community will cheer for you, be there when you need some advice or support and help to celebrate your achievements. 

...mindset support as much as the physical...

Mindset was my biggest challenge.  On race day I followed Jen's advice and took the race piece by piece and I am happy to report I finished an hour faster than I thought I would which was amazing given the hot conditions on race day.  I would recommend Jen for anyone who needs the mindset support as well as the physical – we can train our bodies to do almost anything – but the mindset is what makes or breaks an athlete in the race and that is what I took away from my training with Jen.

Erin Baker // Works full time. Finisher of her 1st 70.3 (long course) triathlon

She gets it. The fear, self doubt, how women's bodies work...

Jen was relatable and had a lived experience of not only the physical side of training but also the emotional and mental side of training as a female athlete. She gets it. The fears, self doubt, how women’s bodies work and the type of coaching strategies that support women to develop. 

Through Jen’s coaching…I started to see myself as an athlete and to then talk about myself as an athlete. That has been a big change for me – a shift of mindset from ‘fraudster’ to ‘athlete’. 

Without Jen and her willingness to share these connections and this information I would not be achieving the things I am now achieving, and believing in myself. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Jen.

Lisa Brophy // Works full time and trail runner and hiker in her spare time

Program Inclusions

Gold Program

  • personalised training program, updated weekly 
  • weekly check-in via email 
  • adjustments and changes to your program, once per week
  • a  TrainingPeaks account
  • the option to pay weekly, fortnight,  4-weekly or 3 months upfront
  • discounts on apparel & for events including Sparta Chicks Unleashed

$45 per week

Platinum Program

  • personalised training program, updated weekly 
  • weekly check-in via email 
  • adjustments and changes to your program, unlimited
  • a TrainingPeaks account
  • the option to pay weekly, fortnight, 4-weekly or 3 months upfront
  • discounts on apparel & for events including Sparta Chicks Unleashed
  • 2 x 30min phone calls per month to touch base, catch up and talk about the plan for the next 4 weeks and any unique challenges we need to address.

$60 per week

How it works ~

If you'd like to find out more, book a discovery session

It's a complimentary 45 minute call that will gives us a chance to get to know one another and for you to decide if we'll be a great fit. 

The fine print (‘cause there always is!)

  • a minimum commitment of 12 weeks is required. It can take a few weeks for us to settle on a schedule that works for you and for you to see improvements.
  • after the minimum commitment period, you can cancel anytime with 7 days notice.

I specialise in helping busy people. I used to be a lawyer (with a long commute!) so I know how hard it can be to balance all the different commitments in your life.

I’ve worked with runner and triathletes of all levels - from those doing their 1st ever race all the way up to Ironman triathlons and 100km trail events. 

So whether you are at home raising kids, working full time, caring for ageing parents, working night shifts or juggling your kid’s sporting commitments, I’ve helped lots of everyday, busy women just like you fit your training around your life.

There’s one more thing you need to know

This is personal to me and I treat it as a partnership. We’re a team. I want you to succeed as badly as you do.

I’m not here to dictate what your training program should look like.

I’m here to work with you to find the best way to fit your training into your busy life. So your constant and open feedback weekly - via TrainingPeaks or email/SMS etc - is critical if the program we develop is going to bring you the results you want.

Jen Brown - Founder and Coach at Sparta Chicks

Got questions?

Is online coaching right for me?

I'm overseas. Is that ok?

Have you worked with someone doing my event?

What is Training Peaks?

How do I start?

I have developed more confidence in my running..

It was a flexible program that took into account my needs and challenges. If I needed to adjust my program to fit my busy life with young kids or my husband’s training schedule, Jen was happy to work around those challenges and adjust the program. Plus she provided plenty of support, checking in with me regularly which helped with my motivation too.

Natalie Schreurs // Mum of 2. School teacher. Regular at parkrun and now a trail runner!

Jean King Smith

...whilst being a full time working mum, I can still achieve my goals

I love that you fit my training around my lifestyle, and listened to my whinging, LOL. You are realistic about what I can achieve, provide positive feedback and understand how much effort is required to reach people's goals. Plus you provide excellent support and are creative in keeping me training when I'm injured.

Jean King Smith // Mum. Works full time. Volunteer Bondi lifeguard. Triathlete and trail runner.

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