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Make Self-Doubt Suck Less

Let’s be honest: self-doubt sucks.

Whether it’s a feeling in the pit of your stomach or a voice inside your head, self-doubt stops us and it costs us.

We waste time procrastinating, second-guessing and overanalysing decisions. 

We stop doing the challenging-yet-important work that moves us closer to our goals and instead procrastinate by scrolling social media endlessly.

And we overthink, overwork and overcommit ourselves, adding even more stress, anxiety and overwhelm into our already busy lives. 

Too often we’re encouraged to focus on feeling ‘more confident’ (and I’ve been guilty of encouraging this too!).

However, this perspective ignores the fact that self-doubt is normal and natural. 

Self-doubt is inevitable.

It’s a very natural and normal thing to experience when you’re facing a new challenge, entering a new situation or setting a new goal.

Yet how many of us plan for it?

Athletes plan and visualise their events as part of their training. 

We organise holidays well in advance.

We plan for retirement -- well, at least we should! 😉

 So why would self-doubt be any different? 

And yet after working with women - from athletes to senior leaders - all over the world for the last 10 years, I've realised those who anticipated and planned how they would respond to their self-doubt (before it happened):

  • climbed out of the self-doubt 'hole' faster, 
  • had greater impact and influence at work, 
  • saw improvements in their fitness, faster and 
  • had more time and energy to dedicate to the things that truly matter. 

Stop trying to denying, avoiding or fighting your self-doubt.

Instead, plan for it.

Together, we’ll walk through the process in ‘Make Self Doubt Suck Less’, a new intimate, live and small group coaching program.
Make Self-Doubt Suck Less is now open

Together we’ll cover:

  • How self-doubt takes you out of action
  • why and how you sabotage yourself when self-doubt strikes
  • The importance of clarity and awareness in understanding who you are and what you bring to any challenging situation
  •  Your personal relationships, networks and support systems you have in place (and any that might be missing)
  • The role of courage and that you have far more resilience, grit and courage than you think you do
  • The inspiration vs implementation struggle and why it stops you from seeing the changes you want in your work and life
  • The actions you can use the next time self-doubt stops you in your tracks 

Whether you want to feel more empowered, at work, in your sport or your overall life, this experience will leave you with the tools you need to kickstart your momentum when self-doubt strikes, so you can:

  • spend less time getting stuck (or perhaps even wallowing!) in self-doubt, 
  • waste less energy second-guessing, overanalysing and overworking,
  • be more productive and make faster progress towards your goal, and
  • have more happiness in life.
Bounce back faster from self-doubt

This isn’t a self-paced program. It’s a hands-on, live small group coaching experience where we'll come together virtually to dive into tactics, tools and strategies you can use to make your self-doubt suck less.

Because it’s important to me that everyone has the support they need throughout the process, I'm choosing to only work with 15 people.

Make Self-Doubt Suck Less has now started.
Stay tuned for your next chance to join.

If you’re ready to stop waiting to feel ‘more confident’, I’d love to work with you.




  • Weekly small group coaching calls
  • All sessions delivered virtually via Zoom
  • Facebook group for accountability & support
  • Access to book 30min or 60min 1:1 private zoom coaching calls (for an additional cost)



  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • All sessions delivered virtually via Zoom
  • Facebook group for accountability & support
  • Weekly email follow-up between calls to help you stay on track
  • PLUS 2 x 1 hour 1:1 private zoom coaching calls to help fast track your progress and momentum

Want to chat about whether it’s right for you? Click here to book a 15 minute call.

Are you ready to bounce back faster from self-doubt and get on with life?

Then you’re ready for this. 

Join me. I'd love to work with you!