Sparta Chicks Radio - a Podcast for Brave Women

Sparta Chicks Radio – The Podcast for Brave Women

How do you find the courage and bravery you need to chase your dreams?

Sparta Chicks Radio - the Podcast for Brave Women

This is the question we explore in our new weekly podcast, Sparta Chicks Radio.

The goal is to share inspiring stories coupled with practical, tried-and-tested-in-the-real-world advice from professional athletes, everyday women chasing their dreams to successful women from all walks of life.

Whether you sometimes feel like a fraud, that you aren't "ready", good "enough" or that you don't belong or you're striving to get the best out of yourself, you'll find you share the same stories, fears and self-doubts as some of our guests.

We dive deep and enjoy open and honest conversations about the realities of fear and self-doubt, about courage and bravery, about the (fear) stories we tell ourselves and the perceptions we have about we can and can't do.

At the heart of it, this podcast is about the finding the courage and bravery you need to chase your goals and dreams.

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Jen Brown is a Trail Running and Triathlon Coach and the founder of SpartaChicks, a global online community of adventurous and brave women interested in triathlons, running and outdoor adventures.

A former lawyer, Jen now specialises in coaching women to help them achieve their sporting goals, overcome their self-doubt, build their confidence and live life as the strong, resilient women they are.

Jen launched Sparta Chicks Radio, a weekly podcast to encourage, support and inspire women to chase their goals in spite of their fears, in 2017.

Jen's work has been featured in Women's Fitness magazine Women's Running magazine, Australian Triathlete (PINK Edition), (Women in Triathlon), Australian Triathlon Endurance & Cycling Expo, and Australian Triathlete - PINK Edition.

Hi, I'm Jen