NEW BOOK: She Believed She Could So She Did: How to Train, Race and Live with Confidence

New Book!

You don't need more confidence, courage or bravery

She Believed She Could So She Did: How to Train, Race and Live with Confidence

That's a lie sold to you by flashy advertising campaigns.

You already have a deep, hidden well of all the confidence, courage and bravery you'll ever need to achieve your goals in sport (and in life). The only thing you're missing are the tools to tap into it.

​Whether you're new to endurance sports or you struggle with nerves, anxiety, self-doubt, comparing yourself to others or fear, this short book will help you.

You'll learn how to challenge, question and overcome your doubt and fears in a constructive, practical and positive way so you can start to change your perception about what you can and can't achieve and see yourself as the confident, resilient, brave and capable woman and athlete you are.

In the process, you will create a practical race plan that draws on your mental strength, determination, confidence and self-belief so you can confidently chase your goals in sport and in life.

What women have said: 

I loved this book!!!! I got so much out of it. Not only for running but for life in general - it a reference book I'll keep going back too! ~ Mel

Fabulous! A great read and a giant kick up the butt for not believing in one’s self earlier! ~ Angela

An inspiring read! Makes you question the fears holding you back from living life and pushes you to chase those dreams - Angela

Loving the positive message and encouragement this book is bringing - Erica

A wonderful and thought provoking book - Bernadette

Available in: 


The paperback edition of "She Believed She Could So She Did: How to Train, Race and Live with Confidence" is a full colour, 90-page book you can read anywhere anytime. 

Each copy of the paperback sold will fund one (1) day of education for a girl in the developing world (in conjunction with Words With Heart and One Girl). 

Multimedia Pack


The Multimedia Pack includes:

* a beautiful 94 page PDF book you can read on any tablet or phone, 

* .epub file for reading on a Kindle (or on a tablet or phone with the Amazon Kindle app), and

* 90 minute audio book.

Or you can purchase a Kindle version right on Amazon.​


Jen Brown is a Trail Running and Triathlon Coach and the creator of SpartaChicks, a global online community of adventurous and brave women interested in triathlons, running and outdoor adventures.

A former lawyer, Jen now specialises in coaching women to help them achieve their sporting goals, overcome their self-doubt, build their confidence and live life as the strong, resilient women they are.

Jen's work has been featured in Latte magazine, Women's Fitness magazine, Australian Triathlete (PINK Edition), (Women in Triathlon), Australian Triathlon Endurance & Cycling Expo and