You have big goals and dreams.
But there's a part of you that's holding back...

Perhaps you hold yourself back when you worry about what other people think, in your perfectionism, in not wanting to be seen in public in lycra or not inviting your friends around for dinner because the house is a mess.

For other women, it’s behind your reluctance to practice open water swimming before a triathlon. When you don’t speak up in a meeting at work or when you don’t sign up for a race or event because you aren’t “ready”. In each case, at the core of your actions (or inaction) is fear.

But here's what I've realised:

Fears are stories you tell yourself.

Imagine what it would feel like to stop putting life on hold until you’re perfect, ready or fearless and start living life as the resilient, strong woman you are.

For 10 years of participating in endurance sports and 5 years of coaching women, I use a simple system to overcome fear and self-doubt. It helps you recognise your “stories” and then take positive action to move towards your goals in spite of your fears and self-doubt (instead of waiting until everything is “ready”). I'd love to share this system with you so that, together, we can make your big goals a reality. 

Jen Brown
Founder, SpartaChicks
Running & Triathlon Coach, Writer and Trailrunner

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