#159: Erin Carson on Strength, Personal Power & Writing Your Own Story [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#159: Erin Carson on Strength, Personal Power & Writing Your Own Story [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

May 02
Meet Erin Carson on Sparta Chicks Radio this week

Long before I discovered endurance sports, my first love was strength training. So I am delighted to welcome Erin Carson to Sparta Chicks Radio this week.

Erin is strength coach to the stars of endurance sports. 

Based in Boulder, Colorado she is the co-owner & operator of Rally Sports and is the head coach for EC Fit. Her clients include the dynamic duo of Mirinda Carfrae (3 x Ironman World Champion) and  Tim O’Donnell (fastest American ever at Kona).

Aside from the World Champions she coaches, Erin also coaches everyday people - like me! 

I use Erin’s ECFit on Demand app for my strength and conditioning program. 

She’s a visionary who is changing what it means to be a strong athlete and the best strength training for endurance athletes. 

In this conversation we discuss:

* her career as a basketball player, including playing professionally in Europe, 

* how her love of strength training started from a need to become stronger for basketball,

* her transition into strength training endurance athletes,

* why addressing hormonal responses and creating more energy (rather than strength or speed) is at the heart of her philosophy, 

* why strength training for performance is about how well you can move, not how much you can lift,

* the importance of rest and recovery and the easiest way to incorporate it into your busy schedule (essentially, forget all the tech; just do things that you find relaxing or that calm you down - which is *not* spending time on social media),

* that she has the opposite of the Imposter Complex and why she’s thought that she’s “good enough” since the 5th grade,

* why you can come last and still be victorious, 

* how she came to meet Dr Stacy Sims and how they came to collaborate on a strength program for women,

* how her philosophy and approach to strength training has changed after learning from Dr Sims, and

* her experience through peri-menopause and menopause as an athlete in her 50s.

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To find out more about Erin or to say hello, you can find her on Instagram or via the EC Fit website here

You can check out the 'EC Fit on Demand' app here.

Listen to Erin on the “Hit Play Not Pause” podcast  

Dr Stacy Sims Strength Series 1 and Strength Series 2 available via EC Fit