#133: Lucy Barnard on Year 3 of Walking the Length of the World [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#133: Lucy Barnard on Year 3 of Walking the Length of the World [Podcast]

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Mar 01
When you have a dream, if you tell people about your dream and you tell them what your barriers are, people tend to get behind you…and the more people that get behind you, the more people that make it possible.

10 days ago, Sparta Chicks Radio celebrated its 3rd birthday. 

And there is no-one I’d rather share that celebration with than this week’s return guest, Lucy Barnard!

Lucy is attempting to become the 1st woman to walk the length of the world.

Dream big

(c) Danyal Taylor

She set off in February 2017 from Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina to walk to Barrow, Alaska; a journey of 30,000km /20,000mi across 15 countries that she anticipated would take about 5 years. 

Lucy first joined me on the podcast in March 2018 (you can find it here).

When I was preparing to speak to Lucy for that episode, I realised we share a unique connection; we both started our respective journeys - Lucy started walking and I published the first podcast - on the very same day in 2017.

That conversation turned into our first anniversary / birthday celebration and we agreed to catch up each year for an update on her progress! 

Lucy returned to Sparta Chicks Radio in February 2019 to share how the 2nd year of her expedition unfolded (you can find that conversation here).

(c) Danyal Taylor

And now she returns to the podcast for the 3rd time to share how the last 12 months (and her 3rd year of the expedition) has unfolded, including:

* the importance of pausing to look back and appreciate how far you’ve come,

* how her identity has shifted over the last 3 years,

* her frustration at the lack of support being shown to women in adventure,

* the distance and countries she covered over the last 12 months, 

* the (unique) challenges she faced through this section,

* her expectations going into Peru and Ecuador and how the reality compared,

* how Wombat - her trusty Australian cattle dog - handled this section of the journey including the new trick he has learnt,

* how she has managed her self-talk and the challenges that come from having a public profile (which she revealed in our second conversation had been her biggest challenges during the previous 12 months),

* whether she still thinks it’s ok not to finish what you start,

* what she wishes she’d known 12 months ago, and

* the route she is planning to take and where she would like to be by the time we catch up in 12 months for our 4th anniversary in February 2021.

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To find out more about Lucy or to say hello, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or via her website