#157: Ingrid Messner on Outsourcing Patience & Learning to Walk Again [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#157: Ingrid Messner on Outsourcing Patience & Learning to Walk Again [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Mar 28
Meet Ingrid Messner on Sparta Chicks Radio this week
Our bodies haven’t evolved at the same speed as the internet or Google or Facebook. If so, it wouldn’t be a problem at all…and technology and science would solve everything. But unfortunately, our bodies are still the same as they were thousands of years ago.

Leadership expert and outdoor adventurer, Ingrid Messner, joins me on Sparta Chicks Radio this week.

An avid hiker, she has travelled to over 50 countries and most recently hiked Australia’s 10 highest peaks, carrying about 18kg of gear and equipment, over the space of a week.

She’s come along way from the story she shares in this episode of twice having to learn to walk again. 

The first time after a hiking accident in 2017 (which took 11 months of recovery) and the second after contracting a viral infection in 2019.

In this conversation, we discuss:

* her childhood growing up in Germany,

* how and when her love of hiking originated,

* the hiking accident that resulted in needing to learn to walk again (for the first time),

* the importance of being patient and persistent during your recovery from injury, especially when you don’t have a timeline for recovery (and why she outsourced her patience),

* why you need to be careful about who you get advice from (ie, experts or people who have the same experience), 

* why she says walked (pun intended) out of the experience physically and mentally better and stronger than she was before the accident, 

* the viral infection that forced her to learn to walk again (less than a year after returning to full strength following her accident) 

* the importance of having a sequence or series of goals to maintain your motivation through your recovery (and training process)

* why pain is not a competition,

* her unique philosophy that a connection to nature is not only one of the solutions to our mental and physical health challenges but that a lack of connection to nature is part of the problem,

* how she has been inspired by ancient wisdom and traditional knowledge in her work and life.

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To find out more about Ingrid or to say hello, you can contact her via her website.

Ingrid's book 'Naturally Successful - How wise leaders manage their energy, influence others and create positive impact' is now available as a paperwork & ebook