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Aug 10

A Step-by Step Guide to Your First Triathlon

Training and racing

Your first triathlon

You’ve entered your first triathlon – congratulations!You may have watched a friend compete in a triathlon before. But competing in one is a very different experience from watching one. You’ve never had to worry about where to go and what to do on race day.Let’s walk step-by-step through the process so you can line up […]

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Jul 20

Just say yes

Real Women Real Adventures

Just say yes

It happened 20 minutes into the first session on the Friday evening at training camp.I was at Snow Camp; a training camp to help prepare participants for the Big Foot Snow Trail Marathon (Australia’s first marathon on snow) at Falls Creek in September.Bruce started discussing gear requirements for the race — specifically how to walk and run […]

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Jun 14

10 Habits of Brave Women

Confidence courage & bravery

From women climbing the highest mountains in the world to everyday women raising kids and just trying to make ends meet, I know a lot of brave women. If you’re reading this, you’re one too 🙂 After all, bravery isn’t reserved for mountaineers or people who run into burning buildings or attempt to stop crime. It’s […]

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