"I Know This Much is True" (the SpartaChicks manifesto)

“I Know This Much Is True” (the Sparta Chicks Manifesto)

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Apr 05
SpartaChicks Manifesto - I Know This Much is True

A #SpartaChick knows…

…being brave is scary but always worthwhile

…you don’t need to sacrifice your own goals or be a martyr to be a loving mother, sister, wife, daughter or friend

…to wear sunscreen. Adventure is important but not at the expense of your skin and health

…you can’t give to others when your tank is empty (on a plane, you’d put your oxygen mask first. The same is true in life)

…waiting until you’re “fearless” could lead to a lifetime of regret (and you don’t want to risk it)

…it’s ok to walk up hills

…you can accomplish more - you can go faster, further, longer, heavier - than you can possibly imagine

….a considered strategic withdrawal is ok (but we don’t quit)

...the people towards the back of the pack get the loudest cheers

…inner strength comes from doing crazy shit you never thought you would

…resilient, confident and brave women raise resilient, confident and brave children

…resilient, confidence and brave women inspire their mothers, daughters and girlfriends to be more resilient, confident and brave too

…it’s ok (and normal) to be scared shitless when you’re doing something new

…nothing is better than a coffee / tea / coke / shared with a friend after a long, hard training session

…our pursuit for perfectionism actually drives us to despair (because perfection doesn’t exist)

…like the lotus flower that only grow in mud, you only grow when faced with new challenges - and so you welcome them

…what’s said on the trail, ride, run or in the pool, stays there

…. nothing makes you feel like a carefree child again more than running through puddles after rain

…dust, mud, snot, blood and even tears wash off - but the courage and inner strength you gain from doing something you once thought was impossible never will.

The title was inspired by one of my favourite books. So what would you add to this list?