#017: Hayley Talbot on Motherhood, Fear & Kayaking the Clarence [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#017: Hayley Talbot on Motherhood, Fear & Kayaking the Clarence [Podcast]

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Jun 18
Meet Hayley

Hayley Talbot’s bio includes such diverse jobs as being a lawyer, a jazz lounge singer, a poet and working in the Australian fashion industry.

So how did she become the first person to kayak the length of the Clarence River (the largest river system on the east coast of Australia) and to do it solo, unassisted and surviving entirely off the land?

I ask Hayley in this week’s episode of Sparta Chicks Radio.

A mother of 2 boys who grew up in the town of Yamba on the Clarence River, Hayley decided she not only wanted to explore what was further up the river that was the centre of her childhood but also to demonstrate to her boys that they could chase their dreams and overcome whatever struggles and challenges they encountered along the way.

In this conversation we discuss:

* why Hayley didn’t want to “bury her potential in motherhood” (her words) and why she doesn’t subscribe to “mother’s guilt”,

* what her background as a long distance runner has taught and given her,

* how you always have a choice, even when things are outside your control,

* the human threat she faced on her journey,- how she manages fear,

* the coaching strategies she used to get through the difficult and dark times (they are gold!).

Happy Hayley

My favourite quotes from this episode:

Even though circumstances can appear to you as though you have no control, you always have the ability to choose, to set the sail, to choose which course you’re going to take. Even when you feel like you’re out of control, you can still be in control of yourself
[Be] at peace with the fact that you might not be ready but that’s not a good enough reason not to start. So just try.
When everything is turning to hell, remember how beautiful it is

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