#018: Melissa Browne on the Rocky Road from Resilience to Wellness [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#018: Melissa Browne on the Rocky Road from Resilience to Wellness [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Jun 25

You know those people who have had such a profound impact on your life that you'd move mountains for them?

That’s how I feel about this week’s guest on Sparta Chicks Radio.

Melissa Browne’s website describes her as an introverted, socially awkward, shoe-loving accountant.

All of those things are true. But there is so much more to Mel and her story.

Officially, her bio is as long as my arm. She is the CEO or co-founder of 3 businesses; the award-winning accounting firm A&TA, a financial planning firm for Gen X and Gen Y called The Money Barre and an innovative preschool based on play with purpose called ThinkersInq.

She’s also an author of 2 books (with a third book about to be released), a speaker and expert on money and finance who regularly appears on The Today Show and Weekend Sunrise.

She’s written for or been featured in everything from CEO Magazine to Cleo, Cosmo and Harpers Bazaar and was named in the Australia Financial Review’s list of 100 Women of Influence in 2016.

Now that list paints a glossy image of Mel but she has also “overcome a lot of shit” (to use her words) along the way and has started to share some of it - and her journey through it - in public.

That - combined with her mission to inspire and empower women and girls to find their voice and become financially savvy - is why I wanted to share Mel’s story, experience and insights on Sparta Chicks Radio this week.

Mel's here!

In this conversation, we discuss:

* how she found it within herself to walk away from a marriage despite knowing her family would turn their back on her,

* how an “accidental entrepreneur” ultimately founded 3 distinct businesses,

* why resilience shouldn’t be a goal we strive for and instead we should aim for wellness in all aspects of life,

* how she worried what people in the accounting profession would think when she started to write about her combined loves of business and fashion,

* her experience with the Imposter and how she has learnt to talk back to it,

* what it means to be a financially savvy woman and the steps we should take to understand our true financial position (so we can achieve the long-term goals we have), and

* why it’s important to understand your money “stories” and what drives your money habits (from a mindset perspective) just as you do when it comes to your eating or training habits.

Mel is a private person who has only recently started sharing some of the challenges she’s faced. So I’m very grateful to her for her openness in his conversation.

She is someone who has inspired, supported, cheered and challenged me to examine the stories I tell myself about money and about my work as a business owner and leader.

I truly admire and love this woman so I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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To find out more about Mel or to say hello, you can find her on her website or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.