#112: Taryn Brumfitt on Learning to Love and Embrace Your Body [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#112: Taryn Brumfitt on Learning to Love and Embrace Your Body [Podcast]

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Jun 30
You weren't born into this world hating your body. Everything you've learnt about hating your body has been through messages that have come at you, that you've bought into. So you've learnt that; now you can unlearn it.

The Body Image Movement can only be described as a revolution. 

And it began in 2013 when Taryn Brumfitt posted a ‘non-traditional’ Before + After photo one night on Facebook.

On the left, the ‘before’ photo showed ‘ripped’ Taryn in a skimpy bikini with bulging muscles on stage at a bodybuilding competition.

On the right, the ‘after’ photo showed a ‘softer’ Taryn with visible rolls around her tummy, looking content and happy.

Before + After photos have, of course, been used for decades to demonstrate the body we're told we “should” aspire to. 

However, the switching of the photos (not to mention Taryn’s obviously content and happy nature in the ‘after’ photo) clearly resonated. 

Overnight the image went viral and within 12 months, it had been viewed by 100 million people!

The Before + After photo that "broke people's brains"

(c) Before - Andre Agnew (c) After - Kate Ellis

That led Taryn to produce the ‘Embrace’ documentary which explored why so many people (and women in particular) hate their bodies. The trailer alone has been viewed over 44 million times. 

And the documentary itself was so popular that in Germany it went to #1 in the Box Office ahead of Hollywood blockbusters.

She’s since founded the Body Image Movement (BMI). BIM’s mission is to help people love and embrace their body, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity or ability. 

These days Taryn is a popular keynote speaker, best selling author and marathon runner! 

And now, she’s a guest on Sparta Chicks Radio!

In this conversation, we discuss:

* what prompted her to post the now-famous (non-traditional) ’Before & After’ photo on Facebook,

* the power women have, as a collective, to change the messages shown to us by and in the media,

* why her body image shifted so quickly (given it was only a few months between the two photos), 

* what prompted the decision to make the ‘Embrace’ documentary,

* how she (and the community) fought to have the initial classification of the documentary in Australia changed so it could be seen by High School students,

* why BMI is now financing an “Embrace Kids” documentary,

* the reason we should all consider our social media habits, including who we follow and why,

* her experience with the Imposter Complex, and how her experience with it has changed as her relationship with her body has changed,

* how she deals with criticism, especially when it occurs in the media,

* the biggest misconception about her,

* how she feels about her body now, and

* how you can learn to love and embrace your body (and where to start).

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Notes and resources:

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To find out more about Taryn or the Body Image Movement, visit BMI on Instagram, Facebook or via the BMI website

"Embrace You" - the 6 week online program Taryn mentions in this conversation (where you'll learn practical strategies on how to embrace.) can be found at ​www.embraceyouonline.com.

On the Body Image Movement website, you can also find Embrace (the documentary), more information on the Embrace Kids project and how to buy Embrace merchandise