#027 Kirrily Dear on the Run Against Violence [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#027 Kirrily Dear on the Run Against Violence [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Aug 27
Kirrily Dear - Run Against Violence - August 2017 - Sparta Chicks Radio

This week, ultra marathon runner Kirrily Dear, sets out on a mammoth challenge - to run 1,300km / 807 miles in 19 days through remote and regional Australia with the goal to raise awareness and start conversations about family violence.

Kirrily was first on Sparta Chicks Radio way back in episode 10 (also making her our first return guest).

In that conversation, she shared how she got into running (and ultra running in particular) as well as the reason she co-founded the Run Against Violence organisation.

So I wanted to catch up with Kirrily this week to find out how she has prepared, physically and mentally, over the last few months and how she is managing her fear and doubt at this stage (given this challenge far exceeds anything she has attempted before).

(If you haven’t listened to episode 10, I’d encourage you to go back and listen to it too)

So in this conversation, we discuss:

* her profound new perspective about comfort zones gained in a whiteout on a mountain pass in the Andes (and it’s so good, I’ve already started adopting it in my life),

* her experience becoming the first woman to complete the Andes Challenge solo (a trail running and mountain bike event going from 4,500m in elevation to sea level in a single day),

* why she’s running an additional 50km the day before the Run Against Violence starts,

* how she is managing her fear, self-doubt and adrenaline this close to the start of the event,

* why it’s important to allow your emotions to move through and past you, rather than being a victim to them or trying to oppress them, and

* how many pairs of running shoes she’s packed.

Visit the Run Against Violence Facebook page to follow Kirrily on her journey or the website to see if there are events in your local area.

You can also get involved with the  Virtual Challenge here.

If you live further afield, you can also get involved by buying Run Against Violence merchandise (here) or making a donation (here).

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