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Nepean Triathlon training program

Have you been doing Sprint distance triathlons and are ready to step up this coming season?

Maybe you’ve been in the sport a few years and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of racing with (and against!) your friends.

Or perhaps you’re an injured runner who has been swimming and cycling as part of your recovery (which is how many of us get into this sport!).

Whatever your goal, Australia’s longest running triathlon, the Nepean Triathlon, is a fantastic event for you to target this coming season.

With a 1km lake swim, 30km cycle on flat and fast and closed roads and a flat 10km run with a great community spirit, wonderful crowd support and fantastic lucky door prizes, it’s a great day regardless of whether this is your 1st or 10th year at the event. 

Nepean Triathlon women's training program

We always have lots of Sparta Chicks participating in the Nepean Triathlon and this year will be no exception. So I invite you to join our 12 week Sparta Chicks Nepean Triathlon online training program.

As a member of the Sparta Chicks team, you’ll receive:

> A 12 week, customised training program designed to suit you.

This program is 100% customised and designed to suit you - so it is tailored to suit your goal, work, family commitments, children’s sport, training background, exercise history, the need for sleep and everything else in your life that keeps you busy.

I don’t believe in generic, one-size-supposedly-fits-all training programs because they set you up to fail. All it takes is a couple of missed training sessions due to a niggle or injury, work commitments or a sick child and all of a sudden you’re off track and feeling stressed. You aren’t sure how to make up the missed sessions and are stressing about whether you’ll be ready in time for race day.

On the other hand, a customised training program can be adjusted and changed each week and, as a result, you’ll train more consistently, miss fewer sessions and see more improvements faster.

> Weekly email check-ins to make sure you're on track and to answer your questions.

I see coaching as a partnership - we’re a team - and I’m here to do everything I can to help you achieve your goal.

I’ll drop you an email every week to see how your training is going, to answer any questions and to ask if we need to make any changes to your program for the following week. You can also call, SMS, email or message me when you need.

You’ll have your own private triathlon coach in your corner on a 24/7 basis to encourage and support you, answer your questions and provide some accountability and motivation so you can stay on track with your training through the chilly winter months and line up at the start on race day feeling calm and confident.

With Nat after her first Nepean Triathlon

> a copy of "She Believed She Could So She Did: How to Train, Race and Live with Confidence" in multi-media format

You'll get a beautiful 94 page PDF book you can read on any tablet or phone, a .epub file for reading on a Kindle (or on a phone or tablet using the Amazon Kindle app) and the 90 minute audio version).

> The support of the amazing Sparta Chicks community in the lead-up to the race and on race day

> A race plan and tips to help you enjoy your Nepean Triathlon experience.

This program is perfect if you:

* train regularly,

* want some guidance, motivation and accountability to help you stay on track (especially during the colder winter months) or to push you to achieve your ambitious goal,

* have a goal for the race (whether it is to finish the race or smash your existing PB),

* want to be part of the incredible and supportive Sparta Chicks community, and

* want to have fun!

It doesn’t matter whether this is your 1st Nepean Triathlon or your 10th  - this program is customised to suit you and your goal for the race.

Please note: there are only 2 spots remaining 5 spots available this year as I made a decision at the start of 2017 to cap the total number of athletes I work with at any one time to make sure everyone has the personal time and attention they need. So if you're interested, be quick!

How it works

(1). Purchase your training program before Monday 31st July 2017 (so I have time to set you up and get you ready to start training on Monday 7th August).

Click the big green button below, choosing between weekly payments or a single upfront payment. You will be taken to Paypal to make the payment (Paypal will automatically notify me once your payment is processed).

Note, if you choose weekly payments, they start on the day you sign up and continue weekly until all 12 payments are made. But of course, even if all 12 payments are made before race day, your program and my support, continues all the way up to the race!.

(2) Within 12 hours, I’ll send you an email to say hello and welcome. The email will also attach a form for your details, goals, training background, lifestyle etc - all the information and details I need to a write a customised training program for you.

(3) You fill out the form and return it to me.

(4) Once the form is returned, I will set you up with a TrainingPeaks account (this is the software I use to send your program to you) and will write the first week of your training program, starting on Monday 7th August 2017.

(5) On the week of 7th August 2017, you start training, we start working together and you'll be on your way to a wonderful and fun Nepean Triathlon experience.

Please note: your purchase is non-refundable. Please shop mindfully. 

Regardless of your goals or your level of experience, I’m really excited to work with you!

Jen x

Ready to get started?

Select your package. You can choose between:

Option 1: ​
1 payment of $432
(best value, saving 10%)

Option 2:
12 weekly payments of $40/week
(total $480)


Do I need to be located in or near Penrith? 

No! The beauty of online training is that you can be located anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection!)

I want to start training right now, rather than wait until 7th August 2017...

That can be arranged too!

You can "purchase" additional weeks for your program so you can start training straight away for $36/week if you have chosen the upfront payment (so you get the 10% discount on the bonus weeks too!) or $40/week if you have chosen the weekly instalments.

Got more questions? 

If you still have questions, please email me at and I'll get back to you asap!

Still not sure? 

Please spend some time exploring the articles, guides and Facebook page or listen to the podcast, all of which are free. Get to know me and my style.

If you like what you see on this website and on the Facebook page, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like your program too!

What have other people said? 

Natalie Schreurs Mum of 2. 
School teacher.
Regular at Parkrun
And now a trail runner and triathlete!

It was a flexible program that took into account my needs and challenges. If I needed to adjust my program to fit my busy life with young kids or my husband’s training schedule, Jen was happy to work around those challenges and adjust the program. Plus she provided plenty of support, checking in with me regularly which helped with my motivation too.

I have developed more confidence in my running and a better understanding of how I can improve in the future. I have gotten faster and my heart rate has improved. I’ve even done my first trail race which I’m very proud of.

Jen has a way of adding funny comments to her programs & weekly follow ups which feel supportive and set the tone for the day. It's about having fun and it comes across every time.

 I know I need to get the training done as there is a purpose to every training session and eventually it will bring me the result I am after.

If you want to reach your goals with a structured, supportive, fun and informative program with someone who expertly guides you and invests themselves in helping you achieve your goals, I would highly recommend training with Jen.

Larisa Alexander Busy mum.
Business owner.

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