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Let’s work together towards your goals and dreams…

As a little girl you had big dreams of conquering the world, of the jobs you’d have, the houses you’d live in and of the life you’d lead.

Then you grew up. Finished school, started working, found a partner and perhaps even had children of your own.

Somewhere along the way you lost a little bit of yourself. You stopped chasing your dreams and decided to compromise for the sake of your family. Little by little, that courageous adventurous girl who loved stomping through puddles began to put everything and everyone else first.

Perhaps your dreams didn’t fit within the goals you had for your family.

Perhaps you began to believe you’d never be able to achieve what you’d dreamt of.

Perhaps you couldn’t imagine even attempting to pursue your goals because of the guilt you feel every time you do something for yourself.

Perhaps self-doubt and fears (what will other people say?) begin to creep in and cloud your thoughts.

As a coach, I’ve seen this in hundreds of women over the years.

As a woman, I’ve experienced it too.

I forgot who I was, what I loved doing and what goals I’d set for myself years ago. But through my experiences in trail running, triathlons, hiking and mountaineering, I’ve found my way through the haze. I remembered who I am, what I love and I’ve found the courage to explore other incredible adventures.

There is one thing I know to be true...

It’s that each of us has an incredible capacity and potential to achieve things which right now seem impossible - almost unfathomable.

I’ve learnt that you are capable of doing things that will blow your own damn mind.

Sure, you might never become a professional athlete or even win your age group. But you can pursue your dreams without fear or doubt and you might even surprise yourself in the process! You don’t need to compromise or neglect your family to do it. And you’ll be a happier and more relaxed wife, partner, mother, daughter, sister and friend because you have the confidence and self-belief to be true to yourself, stand up for your dreams and live the adventurous life you’ve always been curious to explore.

But to do that, you need 3 things ~

  • The physical ability - the fitness, strength and speed required to cross that finish line or conquer that mountain; and a training program that fits into your life,
  • Confidence and the right mindset - in my experience, it’s this element, and not the physical ability, that prevents many women from pursuing, and achieving, their dreams. Having the ability to trust yourself, to back yourself, the courage to put yourself first (because it does take courage) and the tools, skills and confidence to move towards your goals and dreams in spite of your fears, and
  • A community and network of women to support and cheer for you - from the sidelines or from behind the computer screen half way across the world - who support and believe in you (sometimes more than you believe in yourself!).

These are the cornerstones of the #SpartaChicks philosophy.

And you have the benefit of all 3 when we work together ~

* 100% personalised training programs 

You won’t find any stock standard, “off-the-shelf” training programs here. I don’t take a standard program, stick your name on the top, add some specific times for you to achieve in your training sessions and then pass it off as a “customised” program.

Instead we’ll start from the ground up by talking about your goals, background, lifestyle, time availability, personality and other commitments. Only then do we start talking about how to fit your training around your other commitments. By starting this way, I’m able to develop a program - a unique, 100% customised program - that fits into your life.

This approach gives you the confidence of knowing the program is achievable because it fits around the other commitments in your life. Plus you’ll miss fewer sessions (no more guilt about missing training sessions!) and you’ll be able to train more consistently, bringing you faster results.

* Your secret weapon...

Here’s a secret most other coaches won’t tell you…the training is only part of the equation. And it's only a small part.

The missing element for many women is confidence and having the right mindset. Fears and doubts always come up when you’re testing the limits of your comfort zone by trying new things. But if you don’t have the tools and strategies to deal with them, it won’t matter how fit you are or how much training you’ve done.

So throughout our time working together, we’ll explore the mental and mindset roadblocks standing in your way. We’ve all got them! Perhaps you stand on the start line, look around at the other competitors and think to yourself “everyone else looks so fit, I don’t belong here”. Or perhaps you’re secretly worried about “failing”, finishing last, what other people will think or how to mentally cope with an ultra distance event. Whatever your unique roadblocks, we’ll work together to develop the tools and knowledge you need to chase your goals without fear, self-doubt or guilt sabotaging your best efforts.

* Your personal cheersquad

Read any article about the world’s most successful people and you’ll see them mention the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people; like-minded people who believe in you and what you’re trying to accomplish.

That’s exactly what you’ll find as part of the #SpartaChicks community; a network of like-minded women all over the world who are also committed to living life on their terms.

They’ll cheer for you, be there when you need some advice or support and help you celebrate your achievements.

If this sounds like the type of training, support and encouragement you’d like, let’s get started!

Step One: What race or goal do you have in mind?

Are you interested in doing your first triathlon or an Ironman race? Your first parkrun, trail run or 100km race? Or maybe, you’ve always wanted to visit Everest Base Camp.

Whatever the goal, the first step is to identify it. To name it and declare it - even if it’s only to yourself.

Step Two: Which package suits you best?

Now that you’ve decided on your goal, it’s time for you to customise your package. You can choose between ~


  • check
    perfect for women whose work or home life circumstances can change quickly, busy mums or shift workers (or their partners)
  • check
    a customised-for-you training program, updated weekly
  • check
    weekly check-ins via email only to see how your training is going, to answer questions or find out what adjustments need to be made
  • check
    adjustments to your program can be made weekly as your work + life circumstances dictate
  • check
    we'll work together to explore the mental and mindset roadblocks standing in your way and develop customised strategies to help you keep moving towards your goal
  • check
    includes a basic TrainingPeaks account
  • check
    can be paid weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly; choose what suits you.


  • check
    perfect for women whose work or home life circumstances can change quickly, busy mums or shift workers (or their partners)
  • check
    a customised-for-you training program, updated weekly
  • check
    weekly check-ins via email or SMS to see how your training is going, to answer questions or find out what adjustments need to be made
  • check
    adjustments to your program can be made weekly as your work + life circumstances dictate
  • check
    we'll work together to explore the mental and mindset roadblocks standing in your way and develop customised strategies to help you keep moving towards your goal
  • check
    includes a basic TrainingPeaks account
  • check
    can be paid weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly; choose what suits you.
  • check
    PLUS a 45min phone call every month to touch base, chat up and talk about the plan for the next 4 weeks and any unique challenges we need to address.

$40 per week

$55 per week

The fine print (‘cause there always is!) ~

  • a minimum commitment of 12 weeks is required because it can take a few weeks for us to settle on a schedule that works for you and for you to see improvements. But afterwards you can cancel your program at any time by giving 7 days written notice.
  • A TrainingPeaks standard account is included with all training programs. It’s the best software available. I’ll upload your training program straight into it. Then you can log-in and update it with details of your actual training sessions and any feedback you have. Plus there’s a TrainingPeaks app so you can access it from anywhere you take your phone or tablet.

I specialise in helping busy people. I used to be a lawyer (with a long commute!) so I know how hard it can be to balance all the different commitments in your life.

I’ve worked with triathletes and runners of all levels - from those doing their 1st ever race all the way up to Ironman triathlons and 50km trail events. The one thing they've all had in common is that they are motivated, excited and ready to do the work needed to achieve their goals! 

So whether you are at home raising kids or working full time, caring for ageing parents, working night shifts or juggling your kid’s sporting commitments, I’ve helped lots of everyday, busy women just like you fit your training around your life. 

There’s one more thing you need to know

This is personal to me and I treat it as a partnership. We’re a team. I want you to succeed as badly as you do. I’m not here to dictate what your training program should look like. I’m here to help you work out the best way to fit your training into your busy life and make the most of the limited time you have available. So your constant and open feedback weekly - via TrainingPeaks or email/SMS etc - is critical if we’re to work together successfully and if the program we develop is going to fit your life.

After all, it’s all about you!

  • I'm not based in penrith! 
  • Is online coaching right for me? 

I'll be the first to say - online coaching does not suit everyone.​ So it’s an important question you need to ask yourself. Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of athletes online. And I’ve realised that online coaching generally suits certain types of people. It suits people who ~

  • need – or want – to do most of their training solo (whether that’s due to work commitments or you enjoy the solitude),
  • are highly motivated and don’t need a group setting to get out the door every day (sure, the odd group session every week is fine, but if you can’t get out the door without people waiting for you, it’s probably not for you),
  • want to add structure into your training rather than making it up as you go along,
  • feel frustrated, like you’ve hit a wall and have stopped seeing improvements, or
  • have been experimenting with intervals, efforts and hill sessions but aren’t sure if you’re doing the right thing.

Even if you don't fit into those categories, the one essential element is open, honest and constant feedback and communication. Of course, I'll be constantly in contact with you via whatever means suits you best (email, SMS etc). But it's a two-way street so you'll be expected to:

  • update TrainingPeaks at least once (and ideally twice) each week,
  • respond to emails promptly and
  • feel free to discuss any questions or issues that you have on your mind. Because while I’m good at guessing, I can’t read your mind 😉

Here's why this is important....

If I don’t know what training you’re doing (or not doing) and what else is going on in your life that affects your training, I’m not coaching – I’m simply writing you a program based on guesswork. And, to be honest, that’s no fun for me and it’s certainly not going to bring you the results you want.

Are you ready?

If you answered 'yes', let’s get you started!

Click the button and send me an email. Just let me know what race(s) you’re training for or what your goals are. I’ll get back to you within 12 hours to arrange a time for a chat.

We'll get on the phone or on Skype and initially talk about what training and races you’ve done so far, your time constraints and commitments, your injury history and your goals over the coming months and then we’ll starting developing your program.

From there, I’ll take all your information away, write your program and upload it to TrainingPeaks. You’ll be able to access it from your computer or mobile and you’ll be one step closer to your next exciting goal!

Got questions? 

That’s no problem! Click here to send me email and I’ll get back to you asap.

Still not sure? 

Please spend some time exploring the articles, guides and Facebook page, all of which are free. Get to know me and my style.

If you like what you see on this website and on the Facebook page, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like your program too!

I have learnt that whilst being a full time working mum, I can still achieve my goals of competing in Triathlons, trail races and running races. I am able to achieve excellent outcomes without having to train everyday or without having to make sacrifices.​

The last coach I had didn't care if I couldn't hit my targets. He just keep pushing harder. To be honest, I was worried you would be the same.

I love that you fit my training around my lifestyle, and listened to my whinging, LOL. You are realistic about what I can achieve, provide positive feedback and understand how much effort is required to reach people's goals. Plus you provide excellent support and are creative in keeping me training when I'm injured.Even though I have been terrified at times of swimming in weed-ridden lakes, you made me feel like I could finish the swim - and I have 🙂 

Jean King-Smith Mum of 2. 
Works full time.
Volunteer Bondi lifeguard. Triathlete and trail runner. 
Natalie Schreurs Mum of 2. 
School teacher.
Regular at Parkrun
And now a trail runner!

I had been running 5km with no focus and was finding it quite demotivating. I was beginning to realise that it doesn’t get you any closer to your goals.

But then I received the 5 Faster running program from my husband for Christmas. It was a flexible program that took into account my needs and challenges. If I needed to adjust my program to fit my busy life with young kids or my husband’s training schedule, Jen was happy to work around those challenges and adjust the program. Plus she provided plenty of support, checking in with me regularly which helped with my motivation too.

I have developed more confidence in my running and a better understanding of how I can improve in the future. I have gotten faster and my heart rate has improved. I’ve even done my first trail race which I’m very proud of.

Jen has a way of adding funny comments to her programs & weekly follow ups which feel supportive and set the tone for the day. It's about having fun and it comes across every time.

 I know I need to get the training done as there is a purpose to every training session and eventually it will bring me the result I am after.

If you want to reach your goals with a structured, supportive, fun and informative program with someone who expertly guides you and invests themselves in helping you achieve your goals, I would highly recommend training with Jen.

Larisa Alexander Busy mum.
Business owner.