#122: The InternationElles’ Debrief after Riding the Tour de France Route [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#122: The InternationElles’ Debrief after Riding the Tour de France Route [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Sep 08
Welcome Sarah Anne Evans and Pippa Lyon back to Sparta Chicks Radio

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You can do it. We’ve talked before about the Imposter Complex and all the excuses and all the diminishing reasons that we put forward don’t stand up because you put yourself up for these things, and you can do it.

How do you achieve the seemingly ‘impossible’?

That’s the core of my conversation with return guests Sarah Anne Evans and Pippa Lyon on Sparta Chicks Radio.

In addition to being members of the Veloroos, Sarah Anne and Pippa are also members of an international women’s cycling team called the InternationElles.

On a mission to raise the profile of women in cycling and to fight for equality in the sport, the InternationElles (alongside a French women’s cycling team) rode every stage of the 2019 Tour de France - one day ahead of the men’s professional race.

A journey of 3,640km over 21 days with 53,000m of climbing (with just 2 rest days). 

To put that into context, they averaged 1,200km per week on the bike! 

Sarah Anne and Pippa joined me a few months ago on the podcast to discuss the project - including how on earth they were preparing to ride the “most mountainous route” in the 106 year history of the Tour de France!

5 weeks after the ladies rode into Paris, Sarah Anne and Pippa return to Sparta Chicks Radio to share how the experience unfolded.

We discuss: 

* what they were feeling lying in bed the night before the first stage,

* the strategies they used to keep their mindset positive and constructive when climbing some of the big mountain stages, 

* the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and being in an environment that supports you, rather than undermines you, 

* why getting on back on the bike after the first rest day was so difficult,

* how the lack of sleep and food, as well as the loss of control, quickly took their toll after the first few days,

* the darkest and hardest part of the journey for each and why riding their bike was the easy part,

*  the importance of letting go of expectations, 

* whether they feel they accomplished the objective of raising awareness for the need for gender equality in cycling

* the experience of riding up the Champs Elysees to finish the ride,

* what they would do differently (in training or over the 3 weeks)

* what they gained from the experience and what they learnt about themselves

* whether they would go back and do it again.

Plus we have a special guest on this episode - and by far the youngest guest in the history of the podcast! Pippa’s 11 month old son Mawson joined us. He was supposed to be asleep but instead wanted to join in the fun so you’ll hear him throughout this episode. 

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