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When women support each other, incredible things happen

When women support each other, incredible things happen...

Become a member today!

$29 per month

We believe that every woman is capable of so much more than she can possibly imagine. 

(And yes, we're talking about you!)

But we know it's sometimes scary and lonely chasing your big goals and dreams. You could do it on your own - but you don't have to. 

When women come together to encourage, support and learn from one another, well, that's when the magic happens!

That's why we created our premium membership community - we call it the 'Sparta Chicks Arena'.

The Sparta Chicks Arena is for women who want more from life.

It’s for women who love endurance sports or outdoor adventures who want to feel more confident, less anxious and have more fun - in training, racing and everyday life - and to belong to a community of women who have your back!

What makes the Arena different? 

We don't focus on your training (you can find plenty of great resources elsewhere). 

We focus on your mindset.

The fear that makes you question yourself. 

The self-doubt that makes you question your training and whether you even deserve to be on that start line.

The uncertainty that makes you wonder if you're good enough.

All the topics we cover on the Sparta Chicks Radio podcast!

It's easy to feel alone and isolated by your fear, self-doubt and uncertainty.

This is why having the support and encouragement of like-minded, fun, brave and strong women (just like you!) who understand your struggles and who support, encourage, cheer and lift you up is so important. 

You can do this alone -- but you don't have to.  

Your premium Sparta Chicks Arena membership includes: 

  • Exclusive access to a private members-only Facebook Group
  • Monthly guides & resources packed full of practical strategies you can implement straight away
  • Monthly webinars and Facebook Live Q&A calls with guest experts
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    The support of women who have your back and who believe in you - often more than you believe in yourself! 
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    Generous discounts on our events
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    First dibs on tickets to our events
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    Members-only meet-ups
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    The opportunity to meet more women like you!

It’s a powerful combination.

Want to join the movement?

$29 per month.
No obligation or commitment. You can cancel any time

I’m Jen Brown and I’m on a mission to support women all over the world to realise their potential.

Hi, I'm Jen

I’m passionate about helping women to bring out their best.  

If you’ve listened to the podcast I host, Sparta Chicks Radio, you’ll know I’m on this journey alongside you. I know how challenging it is to struggle with fear and self-doubt while trying to chase your exciting yet sometimes terrifying goals and dreams.

I’ve been involved in endurance sports since 2004 and have been coaching women since 2010. And over the years, I’ve realised what holds most women back - more than anything - is not the physical demands of your sport. It’s not how far or fast you have to run, swim, ride, hike or climb stairs.

What holds us back (myself included) is the mental, emotional and mindset side; the fear and self-doubt, feeling like you’re a fraud, that you don’t belong, aren’t ready or good enough or that you don’t deserve to be there and, in a million other ways, our mental state prevents us from giving, and living, our best (I even wrote a book about it!). 

This is why I created the Sparta Chicks Arena. 

It’s the community, tools and support I wish I’d had earlier in my endurance sports journey.

$29 per month.
No obligation or commitment. You can cancel any time

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Frequently asked questions....

How much is membership?

When will I be charged?

How do I join?

Why do you need my mobile number and birthday when I join?

What is my “Facebook” email?

Why do you want my Instagram or Twitter account?

Can I cancel at any time?

Can I get a refund?

I already have a coach or training group. Can I still join?

Will there be training advice in the group?

Is anyone welcome to join?

I have to admit. I feel pretty guilty about spending more money on myself (I mean, it’s a pretty expensive sport to start with).

I’m busy. I’ve got a lot going on in my life. What is the time commitment?

Become a member today!

$29 per month.
No obligation or commitment. You can cancel any time

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