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Nov 05

#037: Stacey Copeland on the Power of Role Models, Language and Women’s Boxing [Podcast]

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Meet Stacey

I use the hashtag #strongwomen a lot. But this week’s guest on Sparta Chicks Radio certainly is one – not just physically but for the discrimination and sexism she’s endured for the sports she loves.Stacey Copeland is a talented athlete. A dual international, she has represented England at the highest levels in both football and boxing.These days, […]

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Sep 17

#030: Natalia Cohen on Embracing the Unknown & Losing Sight of Shore [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Natalia on the Pacific Ocean

Photo Credit: Losing Sight of ShoreHow do you deal with the unknown? Overthink, over-prepare, imagine all the (disastrous) possibilities, procrastinate and still go into the situation reluctantly and scared? Or do you approach it with an open mind, excited by the opportunity, possibility and potential? I confess, I often tend towards the former 🙂 But I suspect if you […]

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