#137: Michelle Taylor on Getting Fit with MS [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#137: Michelle Taylor on Getting Fit with MS [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Apr 26
Welcome Michelle Taylor to Sparta Chicks Radio

This week’s guest on Sparta Chicks Radio reminds me of what can be achieved when you fully commit to a goal. 

Michelle Taylor was a business owner, gym junkie and busy mum when she broke a foot in December, 2017. 

After experiencing balance and walking issues she attributed to a second broken foot in December 2018, Michelle was eventually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder (CMT) in March 2019.

Both neurological conditions, MS and CMT have left Michelle unable to run or move her legs quickly.

But that didn’t stop her from entering - and finishing - her first (and last) triathlon at the Husky Triathlon in February 2020.

Michelle tells the story in this conversation of what unfolded, her experience of crossing the finish line and what that race means to her.

And trust me when I say this — you’ll need a tissue 😉

Enroute to the finish line

In this conversation, Michelle shares: 

* her childhood growing up chasing two younger brothers around,

* how her family became involved in triathlons and the Shellharbour Tri Club,

* when she first started noticing that something wasn’t quite right and how she came to be diagnosed, 

* why being diagnosed was, more than anything, a relief,

* what prompted her decision to enter her first-ever triathlon a few months after her diagnosis,

* the logistics and challenges she faced training for her race, 

* crossing the finish line of her race and what it meant to her.

* what she would do differently, what she learnt from the race and what she’s most proud of, and 

* what her neurologist said to her after she finished her race.

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