#102: Renee Kiley on Inspiration, Goal Setting & the Fear of Failure [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#102: Renee Kiley on Inspiration, Goal Setting & the Fear of Failure [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Apr 14
Welcome Renee Kiley to Sparta Chicks Radio
If you fear something, you need..to take a deep breath and try and figure out why it is that you’re feeling this fear..

In November 2013, Renee Kiley joined friends to watch the Noosa Triathlon. And life hasn’t been the same since. 

At the time Renee was an overweight, unhealthy, pack-a-day smoker. 

Yet the race reignited Renee’s childhood love of competitive sport.

And despite not having ridden a bike or swum laps since she was a kid, Renee set a goal to compete in the Noosa Triathlon the following year.

She did that, and more.

In March 2014, Renee lined up at the start of her very first triathlon; a Sprint distance triathlon.

And less than 3 1/2 years later, Renee raced for the first time as a professional triathlete.  

Many people involved in endurance sports have undergone dramatic transformations; from losing weight, quitting smoking and overcoming major health issues. 

But I was curious how Renee was able to take her performance and achievements to the next level and became a professional athlete in a sport she didn’t know even existed only a few years ago.

So I asked 🙂 

Before and after (discovering triathlons)

On Sparta Chicks Radio this week, Renee joins me to discuss:

* her first (sporting) love of basketball,

* how sport went out the window when she moved to Melbourne for University, and then how her obsession with work led her to neglect her health even more throughout her 20s, 

* how watching the Noosa Triathlon inspired her,

* why she was so ‘pissed off’ after finishing her first triathlon,

* how she went from that first disappointing race (after only a few months of exercising) to standing on the start line of the Hawaii Ironman in just 18 months, 

* the importance of not judging your potential based on what you’re doing today,

* why she doesn’t believe that “anything is possible”

* why she thinks she was able to make the leap to qualifying for her professional licence in such a short period of time,

* her experience with the Imposter Complex, and

* how understanding her fears contributed to her rapid development in the sport (and her 5 P theory).

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