#095: Katee Pedicini on Recovery, Rejuvenation & Happy Hormones [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#095: Katee Pedicini on Recovery, Rejuvenation & Happy Hormones [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Feb 24
She's back! Katee Pedicini _ Sparta Chicks Radio
There’s a big picture to improving health. However, most of that can’t happen unless we get this rejuvenation and recovery right.

She has been one of the most popular guests on the podcast during both 2017 and 2018. 

Her presentation at Sparta Chicks Unleashed in 2018 was profoundly impactful and emotional. 

And she’s also an expert in one of the most fundamental and important topics we’ve covered to date on the podcast. 

So I'm delighted to welcome Katee Pedicini back to Sparta Chicks Radio this week!

Katee’s work around hormones and their impact on our health and happiness has been pivotal for many women, myself included. 

Katee is the founder of Holistic Endurance and is based in Melbourne.

She’s a triathlon coach and self-confessed hormone nerd who specialises in managing fatigue, stress and hormones to achieve not only performance but optimal health and happiness.

And I can hand-on-heart say Katee and her work has changed my life. 

This week’s episode is the 3rd conversation in a series around hormones, health & happiness ~

  • In 2017, Katee joined me to discuss  happy hormones and the impact that stress has on everything - from your training and racing, to 3:30itis, whether you’re on a short fuse with the kids, need chocolate and/or coffee to get through the afternoon and/or a glass of wine to wind down after a busy day (you can listen to that conversation here). 
  • Then in 2018, Katee and I dived deeper into 2 specific aspects of this health and health conversation; how peri-menopause and menopause impacts on your weight, training and racing and also why you should structure your training around your natural cycle (you can listen to that conversation here). 

So if you haven’t listened to either conversation (or perhaps you haven’t heard them recently) I’d encourage you to go back and listen to them first as this episode is the 3rd part of a series, and the first 2 conversations will lay the foundations for what we talk about today.

This time, we dive into the importance of recovery and rejuvenation.

Now on the face of it, it may not seem a ‘sexy’ topic. But the importance of this can’t be understated. 

You can’t have performance improvements - you can’t get fitter, faster or stronger - without adequate recovery and rejuvenation. 

And you certainly can’t have happy hormones, weight, mood and energy balance without it. 

Katee has also developed a Rejuvenation Protocol  - which she shares in this conversation - which allows you to track and quantify, via a point score system, your recovery and rejuvenation (and give yourself some bragging rights in the process).

That's a good question Katee!

That's a good question Katee!

Katee shared this work in a profoundly emotional and impactful presentation at Sparta Chicks Unleashed last year and it proved incredibly popular too.

We are both constantly tagged on social media by women who were at Unleashed and who are still incorporating this protocol into their life. I use this protocol religiously and encourage all my clients to do the same.

So I know you’ll gain a lot from this conversation.

A truth bomb from Katee at Sparta Chicks Unleashed

A truth bomb from Katee at Sparta Chicks Unleashed!

In this conversation, Katee and I discuss: 

- what she personally took away from attending Sparta Chicks Unleashed in 2018, 

- why it’s so important to have a deliberate recovery and rejuvenation strategy as part of your training program, (even if you’re feeling good and not noticing any hormonal imbalances),

- how the amount of recovery and rejuvenation needed is often underestimated,

- why it’s important to tailor your recovery & rejuvenation strategy around what works for you, 

- the problem with software platforms such as TrainingPeaks and Strava when it comes to recovery and rejuvenation,

- why we should get bragging rights for recovery and rejuvenation too, 

-  how you can ‘gamify’ this process of chasing rejuvenation points so you can give yourself bragging rights,

- some of the 18 different activities you might consider as part of your recovery and rejuvenation practice,

- why you should double-down on your recovery and rejuvenation during period of high(er) stress, including a tough week at work, injury, illness, heavy training weeks etc.

- the surprising recovery activity most of us incorporate into our lives that will NOT gain you bragging rights or rejuvenation points and why, 

- why a proper cool down is ’non-negotiable’ (and you don’t get points for it!)

- how to track your points in both a low tech and high tech way,

- what heart rate variability (HRV) is and how you can also use it to measure how much physiological stress your body is under, and

- why tracking your metrics including recovery and rejuvenation practices is important to assess how effective your taper is.

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Notes and resources:

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To find out more about Katee or to say hello, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook or via the Holistic Endurance website

You can buy Katee's Rejuvenation Protocol here. And while you’re there, make sure you buy a copy of her ebook ‘Healing the Grumpy Athlete’ too. Use the code SPARTA for $8 off. 

Apps recommended by Katee for tracking HRV:

  • HRV4tTraining
  • Heart Rate Variability for Training app (finger pulse over camera - no additional equipment)
  • Myithlete (requires a bluetooth HR sensor)

Book recommendation: The Women Code by Sophie Nelson