#093: Julie Howle on Sport, Surgery & the Imposter Complex [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#093: Julie Howle on Sport, Surgery & the Imposter Complex [Podcast]

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Feb 10
You'll meet Julie Howle this week on Sparta Chicks Radio
I can tend to have a blinkered approach to things once I’ve set my mind to something, I try to achieve it and ignore the self-doubt and maybe the potential doubts that can be expressed by other people.

I first met Julie Howle around 2010 or 2011.

I always knew she was a talented triathlete but never really knew the exact nature of her work (I knew it had something to do with cancer and surgery). 

It was only recently when I was looking for a few skin cancer doctor that I became aware of Julie’s work. 

She’s the Head of the Melanoma and Sarcoma Multidisciplinary Groups at Westmead Hospital here in Sydney. She is also a Clinical Senior Lecturer at The University of Sydney and has won a number of international academic medals, awards & scholarships.

Julie is also an Age Group World Champion triathlete, having won her AG at the ITU Long Distance World Championships in 2017. 

Plus she’s a 2x finisher for the Hawaii Ironman in Kona (in 2017 and 2018). 

So we start this conversation by exploring her childhood and whether she had a competitive spirit as a kid and the events around switching degrees at University that (and I quote) “laid the foundation for a lifetime of the imposter syndrome”.

Julie slathered in sunscreen racing at Kona in the Hawaii Ironman
It's official - World Champion!

We also discuss: 

- how being resilient and focusing on her goals has helped Julie navigate her experience with the Imposter Complex, 

- how the words “World Champion” sit with her,

- why she took almost 10 years from her first triathlon to do her first Ironman,

- her experience at her 1st Hawaii Ironman Championship in Kona and why being sick in the week leading up to the race was a good thing,

- how she’s realised getting stuck in ‘comparison’ ruins her enjoyment of the sport,

- how she balances life as a surgeon and triathlete, 

- how she (as a melanoma specialist living here in Australia, a country with one of the highest rates of skin cancer) protects her skin from the sun while training and racing, and

- what you need to do to protect and monitor your skin. 

Julie is such a softly spoken, humble and genuinely lovely woman. 

I feel like she personifies the old saying ‘speak quietly and carry a big stick’ - the stick being her achievements, both on and off the sporting track.

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