#086: Lucy Bartholomew on ‘Showing Up, Blowing Up, Growing Up’ at WSER100 [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#086: Lucy Bartholomew on ‘Showing Up, Blowing Up, Growing Up’ at WSER100 [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Dec 09
Welcome back Lucy Bartholomew to Sparta Chicks Radio
“The fact I’m even daring to try is the biggest victory”

Ultra-marathon runner Lucy Bartholomew returns to Sparta Chicks Radio this week.

Lucy was my guest on the podcast back in January, 2018 (episode 45). You can find that conversation here.

In that conversation, Lucy shared her background; how she first started running as a way to spend time with her Dad, her first 100km race at 16 through to her victory in 2017 at the 100km Ultra Trail Australia race (which also happened to be her 21st birthday). 

We also talked about some of the controversy and criticism that has followed throughout her career.

At the time of that conversation, Lucy was still getting her head around the news she had secured an entry to the Western States Endurance Run (WSER); not only one of the world’s most prestigious 100mi/160km races, but it would also be Lucy’s first attempt at that distance. 

(You might remember the current women’s course record holder at WSER, Ellie Greenwood, was recently on the podcast too). 

So Lucy returns to Sparta Chicks Radio this week to share how the race, and 2018, unfolded for her. 

Here’s a #spoileralert - Lucy finished 3rd at WSER this year; an extraordinary performance for someone so young, and racing that distance for the first time, against the best in the world. 

Those finish line feelings

I don’t know about you but as a lover of ultramarathon running, Lucy’s performance makes me incredibly proud (as an Aussie) and excited (for her future and for the future of our sport). 

Plus it’s fantastic to see Lucy being recognised by the wider (non-running) community; she won the coveted “One to Watch’ award at the 2018 Women’s Health magazine ‘Women in Sport’ awards in October. 

We discuss: 

- her memories of watching DVDs about WSER with her Dad when she first started running,

- the changes she made to her training to prepare for WSER, especially related to the heat and her nutrition strategy,

- the mind games that leave you questioning your preparation (especially after a bad training session),

- why you should assess each training session (including what went well and what didn’t) the same way you would assess and debrief after a race, 

- what surprised her about the WSER course and how her understanding of the course (having spent years reading, listening and watching it), compared to the reality, 

- how she managed the spotlight and media attention on her ahead of the race (pre-race media described her as a ‘young gun’ and even a possible contender to win),

- what she remembers about standing on the start line of a race she’d dreamed about doing for 7 years,

- when she realised she was in trouble during the race (and the strategies she used to make sure she didn’t slip into a negative thought spiral), 

- what she would do differently (and what she will do differently next year),

- what the race taught her, both about herself and the broader role running plays in her life, 

- her experience with post-race ‘depression’ and how she navigated her way through it, and

- her plans for 2019

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