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#083: Tanya Geisler on Unshakeable Confidence [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Nov 18
Welcome Tanya Geisler back to Sparta Chicks Radio
‘When we really start to believe what the people we love, trust and admire are saying about us, that’s when I think we have a fighting chance with the Imposter Complex.’

I’m so happy to welcome Tanya Geisler back to Sparta Chicks Radio this week.

Tanya is a Leadership Coach from Canada who specialises in working with women regarding their experience with the Imposter Complex.

Tanya was one of my first guests on the podcast; she joined me in episode #7 way back in April, 2017. 

That conversation was not only one of the most popular episodes from 2017, but it is also the most profoundly impactful episodes.

Since then, I have lost count of the number of times someone has said to me (after listening to that conversation) words to the effect of: “I didn’t know that was a condition I could have”.

If you are new to that concept or haven’t listened to that episode in a while, here’s a quick refresher ~ 

We all tell ourselves stories about what we can and can’t do. These stories influence and affect the beliefs we have, the words we use, the decisions we make and the actions we take. 

Not to mention the races we enter (or don’t enter), the difficult conversations we have (or don’t have), the job applications we submit (or don’t) and the promotions we put our hand up for (or don’t).

These stories - or lies as Tanya calls them - often can be found in the Imposter Complex. You may not have heard of the term before but I can assure you that you’ve felt the sting of it. 

Ever deflected a compliment or achievement by saying “thanks but…”?

Ever felt you aren’t ready, that you don’t belong or that you aren’t (good / strong / smart / fast / qualified) “enough”? (guilty Your Honour). 

Ever felt small in the company of others? 

Or have you ever been scared that any minute now everyone is going to find out you really have no idea what you’re doing?

THAT, my friend, is the Imposter Complex.

Over the last 18 months, Tanya has been exploring what’s on the other side of the Imposter Complex.

‘I often have to answer the question - what’s the opposite experience of the Imposter Complex? And for me, it is the feeling of unshakeable confidence.’

And this is what we explore in this conversation.

We discuss the 6 different behaviour patterns (or coping mechanisms) we tend to adopt when experiencing the Imposter Complex ~

  • procrastination, 
  • perfectionism, 
  • leaky boundaries, 
  • people pleasing, 
  • diminishment and 
  • comparison.  

Then we touch on areas of focus for each behaviour (or coping mechanism) so you can bolster your confidence and change that behaviour, thereby reminding your Imposter that (as I like to say) “you’ve got this” 🙂 

For a sneak peak at those core areas of focus, check out the VENN diagram we discuss in this episode (click to expand):

The core ingredients to Unshakeable Confidence

It’s important to point out too; no-one is unshakeable all the time.

Our goal instead is to be ‘less wobbly’ in the decisions we make and the actions we take. 

I’ve followed Tanya’s work for years and personally worked with her during 2017. She is one of the most passionate, compassionate and supportive people I know. I adore her. And I suspect you will too. 

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To find out more about Tanya or to say hello, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook or via her website at ​www.tanyageisler.com

Take the quiz on Tanya's website to find out which behaviour stands in the way of your Unshakeable Confidence here.