#074: Hayley Talbot on the Greatest Lesson You’ll Ever Learn [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#074: Hayley Talbot on the Greatest Lesson You’ll Ever Learn [Podcast]

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Sep 09
“I’m just so passionate that thing where you learn how, with your mind and with your spirit, to push yourself past what you think you can do. That, to me, is just one of the greatest things you can learn.”

This week Hayley Talbot returns to join me on Sparta Chicks Radio.

My guest on episode #17 in May, 2017, Hayley shared her story and experience of becoming the first person - male or female -  to kayak the length of the Clarence River. 

The longest river system on the east coast of Australia, the journey of 400km took Hayley 2 weeks to complete.

If you haven’t listened to that conversation (recently), I’d encourage you to go back and listen to our initial conversation first — as it is our starting point for this chat. You can find it here.

Hayley had only completed her journey about 5 or 6 days before we spoke and shared it felt quite surreal to think an expedition 2 years in the planning was over. 

So we begin this conversation by discussing whether time and hindsight have changed her perception of what she learnt from that experience. 

Hayley in action

Then we dive into Hayley’s next big adventure.

And I have to be honest, I didn’t know much of the details going into this conversation. 

All I knew was that it involved a kayak, a river in Tasmania, and that she was taking her two boys, aged 7 and 5, with her. 

In this conversation we discuss:

- the power of visualisations,

- the logistics of her upcoming kayak expedition with her children, including how she’s preparing them for it,

- the importance of having a series of ‘rivers’ throughout life - of times we step out of our comfort zone and grow into something that’s a bit scary and unknown,

- the greatest lesson you can ever learn in life, 

- why it’s altruistic and not selfish for women (and mothers in particular) to pursue their goals and “fill their cup” a little bit every day, and

- her advice for parents who want to take their kids into the bush or out on adventures, especially when things get ‘crunchy’. 

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To find out more about Hayley or to say hello, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook or via her website

You can buy a copy of Hayley's book 'Of the Ocean' here.