#068: Jacqui Holth on Living With an Adventurous Spirit [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#068: Jacqui Holth on Living With an Adventurous Spirit [Podcast]

Sparta Chicks Radio

Jul 29
Meet Jacqui Holth on Sparta Chicks Radio this week

“…if you do something to push your comfort zone, and you think of your comfort zone as a circle, it’s not that one thing comes out like a pimple of your comfort zone. It actually expands your entire comfort zone to a whole new level.”

Given Jacqui Holth’s nomadic childhood, it’s no wonder she left Australia as soon as she finished her university degree and spent the next 20 years living and working overseas ~ on everything from super-yachts cruising the world to the building industry in Sardinia, Italy.

Since returning home, Jacqui has co-founded the Adventurous Life Project ~ a community with a commitment to harness the power of play and the psychology of adventure to regain purpose, vitality and energy in life.

Jacqui Holth - co-founder of the Adventurous Life Project

In this conversation we discuss:

* how Jacqui defines ‘adventure’, plus why you shouldn’t compare your definition to others,

* what it means to live with an ‘adventurous spirit’,

* what happens when you do something new and expand the scope of your comfort zone, 

* the lessons she learnt about herself and the world from her experience of living and working overseas for 21 years,

* why she founded a charity in Sardinia to create a children’s playground (when most people would have left strongly about the need for it but not taken it any further),

* the importance of making conscious choices and decisions based on your values, rather than simply to fit in or be accepted,

* her experience of ‘reinvention’ when she returned home in her early 40s with no network or friends,

* why she was inspired to create the Adventurous Life Project,

* what you can expect from the upcoming Adventurous Spirit speaker series (the speakers include Ky Furneaux from last week’s episode).

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To find out more about Jacqui or to say hello, you can find her on Facebook via the Adventurous Life Project website or on Facebook and Instagram