#065: Alise Selsmark on Regret, Success & the Cupcake Cartel [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#065: Alise Selsmark on Regret, Success & the Cupcake Cartel [Podcast]

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Jul 09
Alise in action

(c) Jamil Buergo, 2018 Century Tuna Ironman Philippines

“You’re much more likely to regret those chances you didn’t take rather than when you took a leap of faith and took a risk. It may pay off or it may not. But at least you tried.”

You’ll meet professional triathlete Alise Selsmark on Sparta Chicks Radio this week

Originally from Perth and now based on at Noosa, Alise grew up with a love of horse riding before she became involved in gymnastics after her mum grew frustrated by the handstand competitions she had with her sister along the hallway of their family home.

Alise joined a swim squad for the first time at the age of 11 and for 7 years, raced competitively.

However it wasn’t until Alise was 28 or 19 that she participated in her first triathlon; a women’s only event in Perth, in 2011.

She progressed in the sport quickly and only 4 years later, in 2015, she gained her professional licence.

Alise Selsmark - Sparta Chicks Radio

In this conversation, we discuss: 

- those early swim squad days and the lesson she learnt from a boy named Alan in that very first squad that has remained with her to this day,

- how she made the decision to become a professional (and what you can learn from her decision-making process),

- choosing between fear and regret, 

- the difference (mentally) between racing as an amateur and professional in terms of the internal pressures and expectations we place on ourselves,

- the importance of defining what success means to you,

- her advice for athletes who are self-coached (ie, who use a generic program or write their own training program),

- why endurance sports are such a powerful vehicle for women,

- her experience racing at Ironman Philippines and her advice on how to race well in the heat. 

Plus if you’ve seen a proliferation of cupcakes on social media over the last few months for no apparent reason, Alise & her partner Callum Millward (from Cupcakes With Cal fame) are to blame.

Together earlier this year they set up a unique triathlon team called The Cupcake Cartel. Alise explains what it is and what they hope to achieve in this conversation. 

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To find out more about Alise or to say hello, you can find her on Instagram or Facebook.

You can find the Cupcake Cartel on Facebook, Instagram or at the website.

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