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#060: Rebecca Stone: On Chronic Pain, Mountain Biking & Motherhood [Podcast]

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May 27

Rebecca Stone is a busy, and strong, woman. 

She’s a midwife, a mum, and someone who loves racing her mountain bike for 24 hours - all while living with fibromyalgia.

In 2010, after 9 months of severe pain which ultimately left her unable to work, drive or walk for more than 5m, Rebecca was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, 

A chronic condition, fibromyalgia causes widespread pain and sensitivity throughout the body. There’s no cure and it is difficult to treat.

Getting back on her beloved mountain bike plan was part of Rebecca’s initial treatment plan primarily for the mental health benefits. 

But she soon realised that due to the release of endorphins which shut down the pain receptors in her body, Rebecca experiences less pain when she rides.

Since returning to cycling in 2011, she has gone from strength to strength including placing 7th in her first Australian 24 Hour Solo Mountain Bike Championships and 2nd in 2017.

Now the mother of a 2-year-old toddler, Rebecca will contest the Australian 24 Hour Championships again in September this year before going onto to compete in the World 24 Hour Solo Mountain Bike Championships in Scotland in October.

In this conversation we discuss:

* What is fibromyalgia and her experience with the condition,

* How returning to cycling was part of her initial treatment plan (for the mental health benefits moreso than the physical benefits),

* Her doubts about whether she’d ever be able to return to racing again after her diagnosis,

* How she rode her road bike until she was 32 weeks pregnant and her mountain bike until she was 38 weeks pregnant, 

* What she loves about racing the 24 hour event,

* How she handles the critics who have questioned whether in fact she has fibromyalgia in light of the results she’s been able to achieve, and

* What having fibromyalgia has taught her and why she thinks she’s a better athlete because of it.

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To find out more about Rebecca or to say hello, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or via her website

* Rebecca's coach ~ Jess Douglas on the Power of 1% (episode #33)