#045: Lucy Bartholomew on Running, Criticism & Daring to Dream [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#045: Lucy Bartholomew on Running, Criticism & Daring to Dream [Podcast]

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Jan 14
Meet Lucy Bartholomew this week on Sparta Chicks Radio

“I’ve learnt that with the right mindset, you’re pretty capable of anything. And that daring to dream big and daring to do something different…

…be willing to believe that anything is possible and that if you devote to something and surround yourself with people who will lift you higher, anything is possible.”

At 21, Lucy Bartholomew has already achieved and experienced a lot in life.

As a child, Lucy would participate in the school cross country and athletic’s carnival in order to get out of school. “I never ran. I just found it pointless. I just thought: why would you run?”

Then, when she was 15, Lucy’s Dad entered the North Face 100km (now, Ultra Trail Australia) and Lucy decided the best way to spend time with him was to join him on his long runs. And soon she was hooked.

At 16, Lucy entered - and finished - her first 100km trail race.

Less than 2 years later, Lucy was the Skyrunning Junior World Champion.

Then in 2017 - and on her 21st birthday - Lucy won the 100km Ultra Trail Australia and, later in the same year, the 100km race at Ultra Trail Cape Town.

While Lucy’s rise in the sport has been rapid, it has not been without controversy.

Lucy and her parents were very publicly criticised for the decision to allow her to enter the 100km race at the age of 16 (to the extent that the ambassador for the event withdrew in protest).

She was again criticised for entering the Big Red Run, a 250km stage race through the Simpson Desert (which also resulted in “silent treatment” from her beloved Dad for 3 months as he struggled to support her participation in the event).

However, Lucy’s preparation, commitment, dedication, love of the sport and talent cannot be denied.

In this fun conversation, we discuss:

* how the label of being one of the “world’s best young trail runners” sits with her,

* why she thinks the fact she’s still running 100km races at 21 is far more important and impressive than running 100km at 16,

* why she started running with her dad,

* why she thinks she was able to progress so quickly in the sport (this point is super important for each of us to understand),

* the danger of adopting other people’s “stories” as your own,

* how she handled the last minute change to the course for the Ultra Trail Australia 100km due to the inclement weather,

* why she is more proud of her race at TDS 120km in France where she finished 5th than she is of her victory at Ultra Trail Australia,

* why it’s important to smile when you’re training and racing (especially when you’re hurting),

* how she has dealt with being criticised, so openly and publicly, over the years, and

* what running has taught her.

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To find out more about Lucy or to say hello, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook, on Strava or via her website.