#044: Bel Fong on Passion, Triathlon and Realising Your Potential [Podcast] - Sparta Chicks

#044: Bel Fong on Passion, Triathlon and Realising Your Potential [Podcast]

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Jan 07
Meet Bel Fong this week on Sparta Chicks Radio

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I don’t know anyone more passionate about the sport of triathlon — and getting more women into the sport — than this week’s guest on Sparta Chicks Radio, Bel Fong.

An institution in the Sydney triathlon scene, Bel has been heavily involved in the sport since 2007.

An age group athlete, if Bel isn’t racing her heart out, you’ll find her on the sidelines cheering and supporting competitors just as enthusiastically.

However, you may not always recognise her on the sidelines because she does love a good costume 😉

I love and admire Bel’s passion for the sport, her drive to get more women into sport and her consistency. She’s proof that doing-the-work consistently, year in and year out, will take you further than you can possibly imagine.

Bel in action

In this fun conversation, we discuss:

* how she would do anything to avoid physical activity as a kid (proving you don’t need to be a “sporty kid” to be successful as an adult),

* why she’s such a big advocate of women’s only events,

* her “one and only” Ironman race,

* her experience with the Imposter Complex, including why she felt like she had to “earn the right” to own and ride a time trial bike and why she felt like a “massive fraud” when I invited her to be on the show,

* the importance of learning how to quickly replace your negative thoughts with constructive, positive thoughts so you can perform to the best of your ability and enjoy the experience,

* why you should only focus on what you can control, including when setting goals for your training and racing,

* how, despite being in the sport for 10 years, she’s only now starting to recognise she has more potential than what she has given herself credit for, and

* that there is no shame in racing short distance (and why she’s offended when people say they are “just” doing a sprint triathlon).

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To find out more about Bel or to read her entertaining and gif-filled race reports, visit her blog. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.