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#033: Jessica Douglas on the Power of 1% [Podcast]

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Oct 08
Meet Jess Douglas this week

From a beginner to a World Champion in the gruelling 24 Hour Solo Event in just 4 years, it would seem that Jessica Douglas is a natural athlete.

But Jess isn’t your typical elite athlete.

A “bookworm artistic type” as a child who was not sporty, Jess was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 14, married at 18, had her daughter at 20 and only got serious about her riding in her 30s.

She openly admits it wasn’t her genetic talent that saw her progress so quickly, but rather because she dedicated herself to “consistent, persistent, process-driven action”.

That action includes her “1% rule” which she credits as the reason she became a World Champion.

She’ll explain the concept, and how you can immediately start to apply it, in this conversation. I’ve already started using it in my life and I love it because it’s proof you can achieve far more than you can ever imagine with hard work, dedication and commitment (regardless of whatever genetics you may or may not have inherited).

Jess during the Crocodile Trophy in far North Queensland

In this conversation, we discuss:

* how she labelled herself as “not an athlete” even in primary school,

* why she describes being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 14 as a “beautiful time in her life” and what she learnt from the experience,

* how she discovered that role models are a powerful way to gain courage in situations where you are scared or fearful,

* why we should invest energy in thinking about what could go well (as opposed to focusing on what could go wrong),

* why it takes courage to stuff up,

* her (powerful) 1% rule and how you can apply, and benefit from, it,

* her transition into triathlons and her self-doubt as she prepares to tackle her first Ironman,

* her experience of depression and how she found her way through it,

* why it’s so important and powerful to focus on the process of improvement, and

* how to use your alter ego to help you race to the best of your ability.

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