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024: Margie Warrell on Finding Your Courage [Podcast]

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Aug 06
Meet Margie

“Courage” is such a loaded word, isn’t it?

Normally reserved for people who run into burning buildings or who serve and protect our country (or people in other countries), the magnitude of their courage can make it very hard (and uncomfortable) for everyday people like you and I to claim our courage too.

However human beings are wired to be safe and secure.

We are wired to ‘fight or take flight’ in response to fear or stress.

And we certainly aren’t wired to be ambitious, trailblazers or to stand out from the crowd (you can catch my conversation with Dr Simon Marshall about our “Chimp” brain as he calls it.

This genetic hard-wiring of the human brain means it takes courage to make a decision that will take us outside our “safe and secure” world - whether that decision is to enter a race, apply for a new job or a promotion, ask for a raise, stand on a stage, voice your desire to want more from your life or to not do what is expected of you.

This week’s guest, Margie Warrell, is an expert in courage and bravery. She helps people make braver decisions and lead bigger lives.

Margie is a best-selling author of 4 books, a keynote speaker and Women’s Leadership Advocate whose clients include NASA, the United Nations Foundation, Facebook, the Marriott Hotel Chain, the Australian Federal Police (and the list goes on).

Margie Warrell

Not bad for a girl who grew up on a dairy farm in regional Australia and is now a mother of 4.

In this conversation, we discuss:

* what growing up on a dairy farm taught her about life and how that influences her work today,

* how to manage the doubts your family might have about your goals and dreams,

* the “mental maps” we have that contain our stories, beliefs, assumptions, rules and labels we give ourselves and how to know whether those maps (or stories) are helping or hindering you,

* the Imposter Complex and her advice on how to manage it,

* gender bias and the way we talk to, treat and encourage boys as opposed to girls, and- why it’s important to amplify women’s beliefs in their ability, both individually and collectively.

Some of my favourite quotes from this episode (there are lots more!):

It just affirms my belief of what’s possible when we dare to live the biggest life we can imagine. And it’s scary as shit at times sometimes and we don’t always succeed at what we want.
How much do we buy into beliefs (without even realising it) that are keeping us from ever knowing what we are capable of? And because we think it’s not possible and we don’t try and it reinforces that belief again and again.I have struggled with doubt so much of my life and that fear of being inadequate and that fear of not being enough and that fear of not having what it takes and will I fail and what will people say because I want to liked
Our fear robs our freedom to live because we’re constantly worried what will people say or do
Lower the bar and go with less than perfect.
Run your own best race. Just do the very best you can. Push yourself. Yes, look around at others if that’s going to help drive you forward and move faster….but don’t get caught up with trying to be *the* best as much as *your* best.
You are capable of so much more than you think you’re capable of. And the only way you’ll realise how capable you truly are is to dare to do the very thing that scares your socks off and to give yourself permission not to do it brilliantly and not to achieve it straight away but just to put yourself out there

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To find out more about Margie or to say hello, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or via her website.

You can find a list of Margie's books here.

Margie discussing subconscious gender bias on the Today Show