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Feb 15

How to Train and Race with Confidence

Training and racing

Use visualisations to overcome your fears

Think back to the last time you felt confident. Truly confident. Down deep in your bones. No doubts, hesitation or self-sabotaging words. Just quiet confidence. If you’re new to endurance sports or outdoor adventures, you might not believe this — but it is possible to feel confident when you line up on the start line. Don’t get […]

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Feb 02

Don’t Should All Over Yourself!

Confidence courage & bravery

There is one word you and I use every day that creates more dissatisfaction, unhappiness, guilt, restraint, fear, self-doubt, frustration and self-sabotage amongst women.What’s the one word you use when you are feeling guilty? Should.What’s the one word you use when you put your family ahead of yourself? Should.What’s the one word you use when […]

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Aug 05

Truth or dare?

Confidence courage & bravery

I used to hate playing ‘truth or dare’ as kids. Once I was dared to knock on the neighbour’s window. I have absolutely no recollection of who dared me to do it nor of the person who lived there. The only thing I remember is how terrified I was.  How times have changed! I no […]

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